Seeing Green

As we all celebrate our inner leprechaun tomorrow, perhaps to raise a glass of Guinness or to dance an Irish jig, here is a post in the spirit of green. And there is nothing greener than a dollar.

One of my guilty pleasures is sneaking into the Dollar Tree from time to time.

The Spirit House- Each a Singular Sensation

People wanting to put their own stamp on their place call EB Color for help. In fact, many of the homes started out as mere cookie cutter boxes drenched in builder’s beige inside and out. Together, through the use of color, we’ve come up with their personal palette, unique to them, not just what’s there by default or what seems to be trending. Yeah, each color consultation is pretty much sheer improv, but luckily, I know my notes.

Lively Up Your Office!

Do you often wish that your office environment was not dull and mundane? Do white walls dampen the spirits of your employees, stinking up the place in a miasma of mediocrity resulting in lackluster performance? It does not have to be this way! Get your moxie on!

Exterior Colors Not to Reason Why

People come to EB Color (that would be me) because they are planning to paint their house and want it to look great. It is understandable that one would seek such guidance because for many, it can seem a formidable task - expensive and scary. EB removes the angst.

Kill Your Television

I’m kidding. But I did have that bumper sticker back in the day. As you know I’ve been preaching the gospel of hiding the television into its background. Seems TVs get bigger and bigger every day and are occupying way more visual space than ever. And often they look like big black hole.

Finally! Artwork You Can Afford

I write this post from a coffee shop with ”black hole” as the Wi-Fi password and I’m hoping not to fall in. But tumbling into a white hole…that’s another all too familiar story. Too often I’m consulting in a home with sterile white walls that are not only crying out for color, but artwork as well.

60-30-10 Rule

There is a rule in design that we often follow called the 60-30-10 Rule. This means, in devising a three color palette you would use 60% of one color….