Lively Up Your Office!

Lively Up Your Office!

Do you often wish that your office environment was not dull and mundane? Do white walls dampen the spirits of your employees, stinking up the place in a miasma of mediocrity resulting in lackluster performance? It does not have to be this way! Get your moxie on!

In yet another online color consultation, EB Color Consultants had the privilege of choosing office color for Pronto Marketing’s 7th floor expansion in Bangkok, Thailand.

In a city that erects purple skyscrapers and where hot pink taxi cabs are the norm, color is never the adversary. As it should be, it is your friend.


So when asked to help Pronto inject some life into their newly expanded office space, I was thrilled. Any company that greets its employees with a purple cow expects greatness from them upon entering. As their color consultant, I was up to the challenge.


I listen to my clients and this is what the creatives at Pronto had to say:

“We want a place where people walk in and feel that it's a happy environment. It should be energetic, but relaxing. We do quiet work here. It should say that Pronto is a fun and creative place.”

So, with that in mind, a spunky red entry catapults its arrivals into the rest of the space, certainly an invigorating way to start the work day.


This entry also serves as the hub around which the other areas radiate.


The rest of the space is equally divided, with a quiet work area conducive to concentration and attention on one side and a lively lunch room and recreational area on the other.

The quiet desk areas are painted in a mid-tone gray. It’s cool, soothing and ideal in terms of visual ergonomics, resulting in no glare or areas of high contrast.


But enter the other and color quickly enlivens the employees for recharge. Tangy green for the rec room...


and tangerine orange walls for the kitchen serve as such a catalyst.


Here you can see, employees at play after a productive day providing excellence in online presence for customers around the world.


To further make the point that Pronto is a fun place to work, Bangkok street artist Alex Face was commissioned by its owners to adorn the walls, adding even more levity to the atmosphere.


A nice balance was achieved between calm and lively, serious and fun, work and play with the simple application of color. Let EB Color help your offices – in person or with a consultation online. 206-353-0454