Finally! Artwork You Can Afford

Finally! Artwork You Can Afford

I write this post from a coffee shop with ”black hole” as the Wi-Fi password and I’m hoping not to fall in. But tumbling into a white hole…that’s another all too familiar story. Too often I’m consulting in a home with sterile white walls that are not only crying out for color, but artwork as well.

I’m not talking about framed prints from Ikea or World Market -I’m talking about original art work that has soul.

I think many people are too scared to walk into an art gallery, thinking it's a place that embodies a snooty attitude, reserved only for those “artistic” types with henna tattoos and kohl lined eyes.

But it’s not, and most likely the folks in there will be friendly and helpful and encourage you to just look. But if you’re still intimidated by this idea, you can browse art in the comfort of your living room.

With online marketplaces like Etsy and Arttwo50 there is absolutely no reason not to look or buy. I am an Etsy member with a shop of my own. My shop, Dragonsappetite has been providing affordable art to dozens of buyers over the past few years. A dreamy landscape for one,

a beautiful bird for another,

and something all together different.

I’m just one of a thousand artists, offering artistic wares to those who love and appreciate. Etsy is not just a marketplace, but also a community. Belonging to a few of the many Etsy groups of painters, I have also been privy to a mutual admiration society. The ones I am introducing here all offer work under $100, as do I.

1.The Quirky Artisan.

2. AllaPrima Painting

3. Gretchenhancock

Now of course, these are pieces that speak to me and they might not to you. Just as in a color consultation, I am not going to impose my personal preferences on you but am encouraging you to seek what resonates with you.

Etsy’s not the only game in town for affordable art. Arttwo50, is another online venue that won’t disappoint. Every piece is $250 and the shipping is free. If you have an Ipad, they offer an app in which you can actually visualize what the piece will look like in your space. How cool is that?

So take a look at your walls. Do they need some original art to turn your house into a home? It’s only a click away. Oh, and by the way…I’m happy to help you arrange or rearrange your masterpieces. 206-353-0454