Working at the Speed of Light

Working at the Speed of Light

Yikes!  I haven't posted since January. I feel like Rip Van Winkle waking from miraculous slumber.  But the fact is, I haven't been in the dark. I have become enlightened. And I mean that literally.

Since November, I've been at Seattle Lighting three days a week, learning absolutely everything there is to know about lighting and then some. And why you may ask? Because lighting goes hand in hand with color and I want to have more to offer my clients. Now I'm an official lighting geek and terms like wattage, lumens and voltage drop are flowing off my tongue at 186,000 miles per second. I now know the difference between a G9 and and GU 24 bulb, when to use a 12volt transformer versus 24 and every fixture one would need for a myriad of lighting applications from kitchen to landscape. I have been fortunate to learn from a fantastic team who have taught me everything in the most supportive environment. And of course, the experience gets sprinkled from time to time with nuggets like the Edison Bulb.

All the while, EB Color is going through the roof! The phone has been ringing incessantly and I answer the call. So I'm at it six days a week, but I wouldn't say it's work. Nope. I absolutely love my job as a color consultant and emerge from each color consultation with a wonderful sense of fulfillment for having helped people through the use of my talent and experience.I find myself in amazing places and my customers are lovely.  Besides residential work, I have also been branching out doing larger scale commercial work, developing palettes for apartment complexes from Tukwila to Tacoma.

Courtyard at South Station "before"

But website needs updating, my easel beckons and so does my Etsy shop.  I am once again summoned to a blogging regiment of writing mine and reading my favorite colleagues' on the magical subject of color. This morning over coffee with the talented landscape designer Emily Russell, who who is time challenged in her own right with an 18 month old, we decided to banish excuses once and for all. Thank you Emily!

Summer painting season is approaching, and EB Color is ready. If you would like an exterior or interior color consultation, I have the time for you.  And just like Tom Bodette... "I'll leave the light on for you".

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