Can Color Predict The Winter?

Can Color Predict The Winter?

I just spent a wondrous week in New York with my time divided between NYC and a bucolic setting upstate on beautiful Seneca Lake. In Manhattan, I window shopped, soaking up color palette inspiration. Fur coats were on display everywhere, reminding us of a winter that will soon be overtaking us.

But it was THIS fur coat that really sent me… the one belonging to the Wooly Bear caterpillar, another harbinger of winter. As he crept along the road, I did my best to measure the width of brown versus black in his fuzzy corpulence. According to folklore, the wider the brown, the milder the winter. If you believe this legend, this little guy says it’s going to be mild. Are you convinced of this? I'm not, but the notion certainly bestows the warm fuzzies.

photo by Elizabeth Brown

I’m not a meteorologist, I’m a color consultant. I can’t accurately predict the weather in Seattle, but I do foresee the perfect palette tailored just for you. 206-353-0454

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