Make a Statement With House Numbers

More often than not when I go on a color consultation, and I'm looking for the house number, it is obscured. It confounds me. If I can't find your house, how could the fire department need be? Too often, house numbers are either hidden under dense foliage, in the shadow of the eaves, are small and insignificant, camouflaged or just plain boring.

Presenting your home's address should not only be a safety feature, but can also be an art form as well -one more way to express your creativity and the uniqueness of your home. And for sure, another way to add more curb appeal.

With a myriad of options out there, coming in all sizes, shapes, finishes imaginable,they are just a Google search away. But, since I am a devoted member of the Etsy community, why look any further? It always feels good to support independent artists and craftspeople.

Look at these metal numbers from toughandtwisted. The creator will custom weld your numbers for you. This is great for creating a ranch-like feel especially against the stucco.

How about these vinyl letters from HouseHoldWords so elegantly placed on the rail of the door? It creates a European aura. It reminds me of the stately doors I saw in Amsterdam.

These modern metal numbers from austinoutdoors are striking.

And I especially love the artistry by Melissa at Pieces of Grace.

Have a look at all the options. You will be delightfully surprised.

Besides helping you assign colors to your home that will not only accent its architectural features, I can help you with other ways to enhance of your home's curb appeal. I'm just a phone call or an email away.

Original post at Colorific.

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