Let Your Fingers do the Walking, Let My Work do the Talking


Expertly working with color comes easily to me. Marketing does not.


Yet my customers have to find out about me somehow and sending smoke signals just doesn't cut it. The wind only blows in one direction and I’m moving out in many. I have to be a chest beating baboon and pound the tom-tom just like everybody else screaming “Pick ME! Pick ME!” I have to step out of my comfort zone when I introduce myself to the world. I would prefer to not use words to promote my services. I want my work to speak for itself.

And it does. Hallelujah for Angie’s List to sing it to the world! When EB Color was just getting off the ground, I launched it with a small ad in my local small newspaper - no website, no blog, just a wing and a prayer. The phone began to ring and my heart went pitter pat. One of those customers was Robin A. who hired me to help her choose exterior colors. Of course I bent over backwards (one must be extraordinarily nimble to be a good color consultant) and the outcome was a huge success. Lo and behold, she wrote up a rave review about me and my service on Angie’s List and EB Color was catapulted. Not into the stratosphere, mind you, but almost. I’m still aiming there.


If you don’t know what Angie’s List is, let me tell you. It is an online resource for rated professionals by its subscribing members who pay to join. They have to put you on, you just can't sign up. It costs me nothing and keeps the bar high for everyone. I want to do a great job to keep my top listing and the consumer knows he’s getting someone good who has already been highly rated. Proudly, I have earned Angie’s List Super Service Award with 10 AAA ratings. Not only am I grateful, I am relieved - free advertising and a chance to let my work do the talking, not me.

Now if you will please excuse me, my chest is sore from all that pounding.



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