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After each and every color consultation, I write up a field report. I walk through each job in my mind. I consider each room we tackled; the lighting, both natural and artificial, the existing architecture as well as the individual temperament of the owner. I note what was specified and where. In my wrap up, I ask myself three questions. What went well, what could be improved upon and what did I learn? In doing so, I am continually fine tuning my process in my evolution as color expert. It is my hope that I can provide the best value possible for my customers in the levels of service, expertise and artistic expression.

What usually always goes well is that I “drove” the consultation. I listened to my customer, felt the space, looked around for cues and in tandem we developed a unique palette.
Of course, there is always something which can be improved upon…for instance I can be a little chatty. Yes, it’s essential to develop a good rapport with my client from the get go since they most likely were strangers before they met me at the door. Our pleasant conversation helps put them at ease so we can easily work together. I inherently like people, but my loquaciousness can only go so far - I cannot waste their valuable time and use up the air.
The most revealing part of the process is in my final question. What did I learn? Always SO much! Often, especially in the case of new construction, my clients have already done extensive product research of which I can be the beneficiary. There might be an existing color on the wall that I have not yet seen and can add to my repertoire. I often figure a unique way to deal with a situation. Sometimes, through our collaboration, my client comes up with something brilliant that I had not considered. As always, I learn a little bit more about me.
As the bar is continually lifted higher, there is one thing that always remains constant…I love my job!

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