Nightmare on the Ceiling

C’mon, let’s face it. Popcorn ceilings suck! And gold sparkles don’t make it any better. There is absolutely nothing worse, except being chased by Freddie Krueger in the middle of the night with a machete.

Better and Best

After each and every color consultation, I write up a field report. I walk through each job in my mind. I consider each room we tackled; the lighting, both natural and artificial, the existing architecture as well as the individual temperament of the owner

Orange Will Make You Happy

I have a birthday coming up and according to Colorstrology , by Pantone Institute’s Michele Bernhardt, my birthday color is orange. Yay! I can remember my college physics teacher lecturing about the hooey of the Zodiac – that the constellations are not really in alignment with their corresponding dates. But hey, when fathoming the almost unbelievable mysteries of color and light, it could almost seem believable.