It’s September 21, 2012, the first official day of autumn. Recently I was concurring with an English pen pal that with the onset of fall, a melancholy is often left in its wake – that even with all the delights offered by the poetry of this glorious season, in tandem lingers a mild saddening.

Year of the Dragon

Happy New Year! Chinese New Year that is…”The Year of the Dragon”. It ’s time to get your red on! Why? The color red symbolizes fire and is said to have the power to expel bad luck

Decorate Your Walls With Gum!

Now that I have your attention…the famous gum wall at Pike’s Market in Seattle is indeed colorful, but maybe not how you want to dress yours. However, there are many colorful alternatives to paint in order to add color, and especially texture to your walls. Wallpaper, fabric or tile probably first come to mind

Can Color Predict The Winter?

I just spent a wondrous week in New York with my time divided between NYC and a bucolic setting upstate on beautiful Seneca Lake . In Manhattan, I window shopped, soaking up color palette inspiration.

Six Degrees of Separation

Recently there was an inquiry from Germany from my website contact form that read as follows: Dear Sirs, for the renvation of a “Royal Suite” in the hotel “Intercontinetal Genf” the interior designer Tonychi, New York, chose some colours which numbers are not known at us.

What’s In a Name?

I think I love words as much as I love color-and when you combine the two. YOWZA! A few years back when I was a guest on Rachel’s wonderful blog, Hue , I briefly touched on the subject with a post entitled “What’s In a Name?”