Orange Will Make You Happy

I have a birthday coming up and according to Colorstrology, by Pantone Institute's Michele Bernhardt, my birthday color is orange. Yay! I can remember my college physics teacher lecturing about the hooey of the Zodiac - that the constellations are not really in alignment with their corresponding dates. But hey, when fathoming the almost unbelievable mysteries of color and light, it could almost seem believable. Besides, I'll take it when my colorful horoscope reads that I am regal, powerful and inspiring. Nevertheless, it's a great excuse to rave about the color orange!

Two years ago, I spent the entire month of January in the amazing city of Buenos Aires. It was summer there and wonderfully hot. I spent each and every sunny day walking around exploring every nook and cranny of that city under a leafy canopy of Sycamore trees, camera in hand. It seemed everyone had a smile on his face, I know I did. I wondered, is everybody so happy here because of all the orange? Or is all this orange here because everyone is just so darned happy? The color orange was everywhere.

From their trash bins,

To their housewares,

From benches to parking garages,

Orange led you in,

And orange led you out.

The ground was orange.

And so was the sky.

Orange served as background for the colorful filteado and as foil for a verdant courtyard.

Even their paint stores were orange. (Prestigio by the way is Sherwin Williams)

Building after building was painted orange.

That is if it wasn't purple, chartreuse or turquoise.

I am grinning from ear to ear with all this color and I hope you are too.
Now go ahead and have some fun with colorstrology. What are the colors of your horoscope?

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